Friday, January 8, 2010

Swearing - In

Our official swearing-in was surprisingly informal and anticlimactic. After 2.5 months of grueling and painstaking training, and after 3 trainees decided to abandon ship, the remaining 20 volunteers were sworn-in in the one dank conference room faciliated by the US charge-de-affaires clad in a flowery light blue muumuu.

We all sat along the wall and raised our right hands while reading a short statement having smething to do with "defending enemies both foreign and domestic." How ironic it was to swear-in into the Peace Corps on such an un-Peace Corps tone.

Anyway, thus begins the 2-year stint half way across the world. Our service will officially expire December 8, 2011. Until then, there's much work ahead.

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  1. Hi Corina,

    How are you? I hope you are doing all right. I noticed you have not posted anything on your blog or your YouTube channel in a couple of years.

    I think you are very talented and also have a good heart. The world needs more people like you. Anyway, just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your singing and also reading your blogs.