Monday, December 21, 2009

'Culture Day' turns into 'Sports Day'

As a self-proclaimed artist, sports are not exactly an acitivity I relate to very well. Thus, with great pride I'd like to share my experience playing soft ball. Having never earnestly swung a bat, I hesitantly walked up to home plate to bat at a game with about 5 Americans and 20 Samoans, all whom have never played soft ball but are surprisingly good at it. I did consider not batting but that would have made me look weak, and even worse, un-American.

After two poor pitches, I hit the third ball far enough to run to second base. Conveniently, the ball headed towards second base just as I was closing in. As it was raining and I was not wearing shoes, I was unable to stop the momentum causing me to bruise my butt as I fell and slid several yards to safely reach second base. Ladies and Gentlemen, you have just read of Corina's first-ever slide-to-a-base. I felt like Jackie Robinson, but not really. Having always had an unhealthy fear of sliding, this unintentional experience made me feel a little more American and little closer to home.

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